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Martexin Original Wax (since 1838), is based Tightly woven cotton fabric impregnated with Martexin®vax. A unique formula that provides protection against bad weather, and gives cotton fibers chance to breathe. The fabric just gets finer with age, which improves the appearance. Patina developed in the same manner as leather aging. Martexin® is exclusive, because it is technically superior in longevity in comparison with waxed fabrics. Martexin Original Wax is environmentally friendly and has been delivered to the US market for over 160 years. A genuine American product that has stood the test of many generations! Wax process are family secrets that have been passed down through father to son for seven generations. In 1930 Martexin®formeln registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect their identity from less efficient imitators.