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Great for Trail, Barrel Race, Endurance and training.

What is Beta BioThane? Will Beta BioThane stay in shape? Is Beta BioThane weatherproof?
Nylon coated with beta BioThane, stronger and more durable than just nylon and leather.
BioThane are easier to clean, completely hassle free, soft, smooth and supple. Comfortable for both rider and horse. It is the most durable and longest lasting material available. Even after 20 years!
Unlike nylon, it will not fade over time, the color will be permanent even after years of use. Best of all is to rinse off easily with soap and water. If you want to quickly get it clean from dirt around the seams, wash in the washing machine (in a laundry bag or pillowcase). It is also dishwasher safe. It will look brand new afterwards! In cold conditions will not beta biothane harden or crack. When wet, the beta biothane will not swell or become moldy. So far easier in every way!

How is Beta BioThane on the horse, will it harm or hurt the horse? How safe is the Beta BioThane compared with leather or nylon? 
Your horse will appreciate Beta BioThane. Beta Biothane is more comfortable than leather. Since it does not absorb moisture or sweat it is less likely to rub or irritate your horse. The coating also serves as soft padding and is very comfortable for your horse. It is also lighter than leather. It is the strongest material available in the equine market. Unlike leather or nylon, so has each part of the Beta Biothane been ranked and tested for strength and safety. BioThane can be sewn, welded, or warm like leather. Leather Hole Punches functioning Biothane and easily cut with scissors or a knife.

How much does Beta BioThane weigh? How long have Beta BioThane used in horse area?
Approximately 20% lighter than leather. BioThane has been around for more than 30 years! It has been used in the Barrel Race, Trail and Endurance Riding.