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Mohair Cinch

Production of cinch with all yarns is a process that requires an afterthought learning. Rushing forward, or to use less expensive yarn made of inferior materials only creates more problems than it solves.

On the market today there are a large number of cheap cinches, often with retail prices that barely covers the cost of materials and work. It has contributed to a considerable increase in omedvetandet and incomprehension of the Cinch value.
However, the "throw-away" mentality in recent decades has now caught up with us, we have begun to realize that the cheapest product is more costly in the long run. The product is made in an old-fashioned way and with greater care and more expensive materials have a significantly longer life span.

Are you tired of always "twist" the saddle to the correct position, which both disturbs you and your horse during training and competition?

Buy a genuine Mohair cinch from Western Wanted.

The genuine Mohair Cinch is handmade with care to withstand harsh and tough heelings, without saddle dislodged from its proper position!

Do you want to do better at the competitions, and protect your saddle against pressures. Let a genuine Mohair cinch from Western Wanted take you and your horse where you want. 
The Mohair Cinch you choose will become your best friend!

Keep in mind that spurious mohair cinch is not as "kind" to the horse's sensitive stomach and chest. It can be noticed on the horse's mood!