tre cinchar


Equestrian equipment for the western horse and western riding, as well as for other equestrian sports such as dressage, all round, jumping, eventing, gallop, distance and Australian riding. Western Wanted equestrian equipment in high quality for the wild west trail riding, training, competition, show and transport.
Training equipment horsemanship rope halters, training halters, halters for everyday, leads, work rope, side pull, help reins, free head collar. Lunge- and driving tack: lunge lines, training surcingle, driving lines and longing converter strap. 
Fur care for horse and dog, with organic vegetable oils and medicinal plants. 
Mohair Cinches westerngirth, y-cinch, vaquero, breast collar and dressage/australian girth.
Pads and blankets wool pad, showblanket, gel, ventilations- and help pad/liners. 
Saddle equipment tie strap, off billet and flank cinch.
Headstall and reins bridle, tie down, noseband, caveson, split- and roping reins.
Accessories trailer tie, grooming halter and leads, stable blanket, saddle cover, tail bag and wild west shu-fly.
Dog bed, leash and collar.
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