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sadelgjord storlek  Western Wanted är en butik med westernutrustning i unik tillverkning av 100% Mohairgarn, allt är spunnet i 16 trådar (ply) brukligt är 8 ply.


Measure from one horse's elbow to the horse's other elbow.
Example 1: Horse's measure 46 cm buy 32"
Example 2: Horse's measure 42 cm buy the larger size 32"
Example 3: Horse's measure 36 cm buy 28"


Measure from one horse's elbow to the horse's other elbow.

Example 1: Horse's measure 46 cm buy 48"

Example 2: Horse's measure 42 cm buy 47" 

Example 3: Horse's measure 36 cm buy 44"  


Measure from one horse's elbow to the horse's other elbow.

Example 1: Horse's measure 46 cm buy 32"
Example 2: Horse's measure 42 cm buy 32"
Example 3: Horse's measure 36 cm buy 28"

Five basic rig positions for western saddle.
The most common rig position 7/8


     32" Common at Full, 7/8, 15/16 Saddle Rigging.
     28" Common at 3/4, 5/8, Center Saddle Rigging.
    The mohair cinch should spread the pressure evenly over the horse's Caudal Deep Pectoral muscle see picture.
  • Narrower saddle girth than 10 cm means that it cuts in.
  • The entire width of the cinch should not be wider than 14 cm, it then inhibits mobility and breathing. 
  • Pony not narrower than 8 cm and not wider than 10 cm.
  • Model "Roper" looks like an hourglass, the wide part measures 22 cm while the narrowest part is 10 cm. The Roper model is not tightened, it is quite loose. Tightening the Roper model creates limited breathing for the horse. A real Roper rider does not fully tighten the cinch, until it really matters and releases after the cinch as soon as the job is done ...
  • The rule of thumb is that two fingers should fit comfortably between the cinch and your horse.
  • If you feel you need to tighten, check that the saddle is positioned correctly and what rig position you are using. If you have double D, you may need to change the rig position if necessary, you may need to supplement with a flank cinch.
  • The rigging position on the saddle and your purpose determine which cinch fits. See the table above.
  • The more and thicker threads, the softer and more comfortable for the horse. Western Wanted uses 2 layers of threads 15 threads on the underside and 14 threads on the top it gives a cinch width of approx. 10-14 cm.. 

Western Wanted Rigging in Mohair for Allround saddle och Dressage saddle has 2 layers of threads, 12 threads on the underside and 10 threads on the top, it gives a width of approx. 11 cm. Each thread contains 16 threads.