tre cinchar

Organic medicinal and antimicrobial plants. "Chakra balancing"

Candle in 100 % beeswax, ornamentsoap which is scented with mild perfume, essential oil extracted from plant parts such as bark, flowers, fruit, leaves or seeds.

A western store with unique production of saddle girths in 100% Mohair yarn.
The mohair yarn has been spun with 16 mohair threads (ply), usually 8 ply.

It provides a much more durable and softer saddle girth for equestrian sports. Western Wanted was established in 2012 and is among the best mohair cinch manufacturers in the world and we give you a trust investment guarantee of 15 years!

Western mohair cinch has 29 strings (strands) and the English saddle girth has 22 strands.

Western Wanted's unique manufacturing of western equipment in mohair, gets its power from the fact that the yarn is spun with 16 ply, not with 8 ply. More number of twisted threads in the rope gives greater durability, stability and softness than those that have a smaller number of threads.

The mohair yarn has been carefully processed methodically in the traditional way and comes from goats that are cared for with care.

Western Wanted manufactures equestrian equipment for equestrian sports in model western girth, dressage girth and breast collars.

Western equipment in Mohair is manufactured by hand, by Western Wanted!


Köp Ljus i 100% Bivax från TVÅL GUMMAN. Bivax renar luften och ger en naturlig honungsdoft. #bivax #bivaxljus #ljus #westerninredning